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Release notes BellaDati

Release date: September 03, 2013

New features

  • Report - Allow reusing existing formulas
  • Report - Show percentage for other category in pie chart
  • Report, KPI label - Add levels conditional formatting support
  • Data Set - Delete Attribute/Indicator warning at data set page if the attribute/indicator is used for reporting
  • Domain backup - Include all meta-information (users, user-groups)
  • Open data portal re-distributable war


  • OnPremise - improve startup speed
  • Data source, Twitter - Improve getting data of My followers interests (lot of iterations causes exceeding interface limit)
  • Unit tests - cover advanced formula functions
  • Report - Drill Down - Limit - Allow merging other members into custom member when limit is applied.
  • Report - Indicator - propagate Format and Unit when changed in data set
  • Data set, import - Add localization for status codes in notifications
  • SQLAnywhere connector - database parameter should be present by default
  • OnPremise, Upgrade - run re-indexing when necessary
  • Report - Formula - Extend memberValue() with attribute selection
  • Data Set, subsets - should take drill down levels into consideration when multiple drill downs exist
  • Charts - Zero axis highlight
  • On-Premise - server-ID is now independent on path from which application is launched

Bug fixes

  • Report, xls export - nested groups are exported as empty row
  • Report, drill down - Choosing other than first level in predefined path doesn't highligh its path
  • Report, table - Columns are shifted to headers in FF when vertical scroll-bar present
  • Report, chart - If bar chart is too high shown value is not displayed entirely
  • Tables - More drill-downs on the left are displayed too wide in IE9
  • Report, table - Member names cannot be seen in table with dark content colour,even/odd row colouring and depth shading
  • Report, chart - Flash speedometer chart does not have message for not being supported
  • Report, table - Drill down name is moved on Chrome and IE9
  • Report, Geo map - Moving map on IE9 results in covering of its name and filters
  • On-Premise, Joined data set - Error occurs when changing from "With time match" to "Without time match" compare type.
  • Data set, alarm - Set value is displayed wrongly in alarm message
  • Import settings - Add scroll bars for Merge columns popup
  • Report - Clicking on Indicator Drop Down directs to Drill-Downs Menu
  • Data set, import settings - Tranfsormation script preview overlaps when its menu is ended by ESC
  • Data set, drill down paths - Do not offer hidden attribute in drill down path creation
  • Data set, indicators - Hidden indicators in group are accessible in report
  • Report, history - When the first version is selected both the first and the second versions are highlighted
  • Domain, expired - Cannot access domain details
  • Dashboard, mercato - Publishing form is messed
  • Report, charts - Uppermost values tooltip is not displayed
  • Inactive user can log in to the Piccolo
  • Admin can't change domain format settings
  • Report - raw data option is not working on IE10
  • Report, table - the comment box should be focused (cursor) when clicking on table cell
  • Formula - missing cumulateFromDate and cumulateFromTime autocompletion
  • Report layout - the re-size bar is not shown in Safari
  • SQL connector - database discovery doesn't work for SQLAnywhere and Oracle
  • SQL connector - Oracle drivers versions are starting with "[[missing key:"
  • Grouping values in pie chart is off by 1%
  • Report, raw data - table is not readable in some cases
  • Report, table - Even/odd rows are not applied to the drill-down members on FF and Chrome
  • Report, charts - Thermometer and Funnel charts with one indicator is not working
  • Data set, alarm - "Check now" option results in a Faux pas in an empty data set
  • Data set, subsets - Missing delete icon
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