Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: September 11, 2013

    New features

    • Media library
    • SAP HANA SQL connector


    • Installer, Mac - upgrade PostgresApp to
    • Installer - offer advanced installation type for detailed configuration
    • Report - Media Gallery - Allow uploading images directly to view
    • Create Account Notification Email Formatting
    • GEO data - non-data manager should only have read-only access for GEO data
    • Twitter Connector - Keywords search description update
    • Administration - allow configuring application.url parameter from GUI

    Bug fixes

    • Safari - Video embed to custom conent exceeds its limits
    • Dashboard - adding view search is not displaying views from shared reports
    • Report - Improve error message while Adding view to dashboard contains the view
    • Report - raw data table body is not aligned to the table header
    • Report - Newly created indicator will have a bracket ('[ ]') after the indicator name shown on the report
    • Installer, Mac - Upgrade is not working properly
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