Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: October 03, 2013

    New features

    • Report - comments in charts
    • Report - support statistical functions
    • Twitter connector - allow to specify time range for trends loading
    • Data Set, Indicators - autmaticaly generate the function ID according to indicator name
    • Data Set, Connectors - Place SAP HANA as new connector
    • Basic Japanese Localisation
    • Data sources - rename Google Spreadsheet to Google Drive
    • Core - data loading re-factoring


    • Improve data sets loading speed
    • Redesign the user profile menu links - show user profile photo next to user name
    • Report - show reports list after report has been deleted
    • Report - table should be able to scroll left to right for drill down added when columns exceed the screen width
    • Upload - rename Upload Another File to Upload Other File
    • Localization - Add icons for all languages

    Bug fixes

    • Report, Chart - Transform negative value to absolute value doesn't reflect domain format
    • Opera - Popups are displayed behind embedded video
    • Drill through - unable to identify drill member value with special symbol "&"
    • Belladati Apps - Images are not restored
    • Report - Cell comment not working for a row in table
    • Data Set - scheduling time shown in calendar different from setting
    • GeoData permissions - the read-only user can submit the editing form by pressing enter
    • Report, Raw data - indicator is not present in the table if the aggregation differs from SUM
    • Report, Table - wrong header alignment
    • Report, Table - scroll-bar covers last member in Chrome
    • Data set, sharing - Sharing filtered data to both user and user group with doesn't give user any data at all
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