Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: November 18, 2013

    New features

    • Report - Variables - Allow using variables in report/view titles
    • Data Set - Joining - Allow custom joining condition


    • Installer - upgrade bundled PostgreSQL to version 9.3
    • Improve email notifications
    • Core - add optional query timeouts for materialization and general query
    • Improve the algorithm for identifying indicator/attribute
    • Data browser - don't show hidden attributes and indicators
    • Registration service - send password link for newly created accounts

    Bug fixes

    • OAuth CallBack URL not working
    • Cannot use basic OAuth when xAuth is enabled
    • Data set sorting is case-sensitive
    • Opera - After adding video to a custom content video is displayed in the upper right corner
    • URL is lost when redirecting to login in background
    • Domain - Look&Feel Editor - Text float out of fields
    • Cannot Update from BellaDati to BellaDati
    • Core - support PostgreSQL 9.3 native materialized views
    • Core - locking primary table while defining join makes no sense
    • Sample data dashlet - Google drive connector has white background instead of blue
    • Report - Variables - Filters with doesn't contain switches back to contains condition after edit
    • OAuth request for access token fails when signed
    • Database connection parameters form should be cleaned
    • Import service hangs if one of the nodes stopped working
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