Release notes BellaDati 2.7.6

    Release date: January 9, 2014


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    New features

    • Support Multiple Date/Time Columns
    • Report: Separate date/time dimension to x-axis and y-axis
    • Report - Indicator - Opt out from setup filter
    • Group Delete Function for Data Set, Reports and Dashboards
    • New Formula: withoutDrillDown - execute an expression without taking drill downs in the view into consideration
    • Report Drill Down Show Total - Able to rename the "Total" to custom names
    • Report - add support for horizontal bar chart with date/time interval on y-axis
    • What's new popup window


    • Main menu and dashboard redesign
    • Improve BellaApps menu icon
    • Data Set - Attribute - allow setting that its translation of original attribute
    • Subset - Enable subset for drill down added via drill down path
    • Data Set - enable Database Discovery Editor for data source settings
    • Data source - Allow to select from multiple data sources within scheduler calendar
    • Report, table - Add quick-filter function also for report viewer

    Bug fixes

    • Server sends GCM notifications twice
    • Formula - membersSum doesn't work properly
    • Report - View cannot be displayed when filtering by Count
    • Filter formula not working in a particular view
    • Data sets, search - Names with national characters are not shown as results
    • Report - edit menu - missing appearance icon
    • Report, table - small gap is displayed between left header and body
    • Search - sorting doesn't work with national characters
    • Report, conditional formatting - Percentage change doesn't reflect domain format setting
    • Report, chart - Using values range displays values that shouldn't be present
    • User groups - Groups name sorting is not working correctly
    • Data sources, MongoDB - query cannot be changed while creating data source
    • API always returns % in KPI number value
    • Report - Chart Values Range support decimal numbers
    • Conditional Formatting - "Greater/Lower Than" Should not include the case "Equal"
    • Horizontal Bar Chart x-axis does not begin from 0 when aggregation type is not SUM
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