Release notes BellaDati 2.7.7

    Release date: February 05, 2014


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    New features

    • Data Set - LinkedIn Connector
    • Data Set - Zendesk Connector
    • REST API - Support for executing imports
    • Report - formula - Support Math operations on row level
    • Permissions - Vertical (column) permissions for attributes and indicators
    • Report - Add doughnut chart support


    • Data Set - Connector - Existing Data Set - Add Database Discovery Window
    • Data set - allow setting not to materialize data set
    • Report - Allow changing date/time interval for read-only user in Charts, Maps and KPI labels
    • Charts - display/hide legend option
    • Dashboards - Enable comments on dashboard
    • GUI - Application icons face-lift
    • GUI - Main menu redesign 

    Bug Fixes

    • Report, date/time - Cannot use "Set according to data availability" after changing the date/time attribute
    • Report - conditional formatting with previous value shows growth only
    • Migration Chart: Aggregate date time if chart type is HBAR
    • Safari - Welcome popup is blank upon first login
    • Chart Mouse Over and value showed not applying indicator formatting
    • Chart Indicator Show Values does not take indicator formatting into consideration
    • Cannot delete domain
    • GeoMap heatmap data range classification should apply data formatting set for the indicator
    • Data Set - Translation - Untranslated Error when Column Index out of Range
    • On-Premise - Text is hard to see in Data collecting forms
    • Import - don't recognize empty date/time as error
    • Formula - Filter with "AND" formula bracket formatting not correct
    • Value of stack bar chart always needs to have property "val"
    • Server returns empty custom dashlets without content
    • Report - Map - Indicator format does not changes on the Geo Map
    • Report, table - Tables with two dates have illogical data displayed
    • Filters - Adding new filters popup is messed up if more filters are added
    • Report, table - Using limit along with custom member messes up the table layout
    • Grammar Error in installer initializer
    • Sample data - Some views are not displayed correctly
    • Chart settings dialog mixes up x and y axis when setting two drill-downs
    • Data Set - GEO - Preview doesn't take in consideration long/latd decimal points
    • Report, icons - Icons are messed up a bit
    • Report - Date Aggregation - Missing drop down arrow in the selectbox
    • Data Set - Import Settings - Exclamation Mark (!) in columns with type Translation
    • Data Sets - sorting by last data change time doesn't work correctly with joins rebuild date
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