Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: February 19, 2014


    • Data Source - name data source according to selected data source type
    • Allow dynamic callback for OAuth authentication
    • Admin - Allow changing login IDs for domain admins
    • GUI - Display "Create" actions in dataset as green button
    • Admin - Show warning message when SMTP server is not accessible

    Bug Fixes

    • Report, tables - URL appearance links are not working on Firefox
    • SQL connector - discovery doesn't work for joined data sets
    • GEO data - Improve CS description of points import
    • Application - Header - Apps - link to Browse Market directs to 404
    • Classification/Appearance dialog sticks to mouse and cannot be closed
    • Activity stream - more/less links are inconsistent
    • Core - loading week year as partial doesn't work
    • Code editor - auto-completion is not working correctly on IE11
    • Report, charts - pie chart showing strange circles in IE11
    • Report, heat map - values are shifted to the left when there are null values
    • Report, heat map - add support for x/y axis configuration
    • GUI - Mouse over the report's owner name in report detail float frame moves the float frame to the top left corner
    • Time zone options are too detailed and confusing
    • Installer shows error when entering IP address as server name
    • Admin - No password requirements during domain setup
    • Application - Remove application parameters page
    • Joined Data Set - unable to distinguish date/time with same name
    • Report - Maps are not showing on Firefox
    • Connectors - auth popups are not working on IE11
    • Data Set - LinkedIn Connector: column names are duplicated
    • Report - weeks and days in month in combination with show all values doesn't work
    • GUI - Circles and shapes in maps are not displayed on IE8
    • Core - loading data rows sets wrong partials when there are no result rows
    • Data Set - Data source executions are not restored after application is restarted
    • Report, date definition - show all values should be available for all aggregations




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