Release notes BellaDati 2.7.8

    Release date: March 21, 2014


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    New Feature

    • Dashboard - export content to PDF, PPT and Excel 
    • Report - Bar chart/Line chart animation
    • Report - Variables - Enable filter by Date unit 
    • Reports - Filter - add option to apply indicator filter on row level
    • Data set - Copy - Enable copying report
    • Core - make control objects immutable
    • Report - Formula - verify a manually created String date is a valid date or not
    • Report, indicators - native rank support for data indicators



    • Report - Sorting by calculated indicators
    • REST API - Allow filtering KPI via API
    • Report - Charts re-design
    • Report - Adding comments to KPI 
    • Report - Filter Variable: Support "Or" for multiple filter 
    • Report - Appearance - add RGB color picker
    • Report - Charts hover effects
    • Report - Tables design improvement
    • Report - Chart - Shorten Member Names
    • Report - Implement new design chart tooltips
    • Report - Implement new table tooltip/popup design
    • Report - Implement new setup drill down path dialog
    • Report - Classifier Options Table PopUp Design
    • Report - Highlight Inline edit fields on hover
    • Report - improve variables settings form



    • Tooltips are too much point sensitive
    • Report - Maps - Indicators values are not displayed in IE8
    • Chart tooltips - Arrow is divided by border from caption
    • Report, GEO - shape sometimes remains highlighted in IE9
    • Report, table - Present header colour is not displayed in quick menu
    • GeoMap heatmap data range classification should apply data formatting set for the indicator
    • Report, table - Date attributes cannot be drilled-down
    • Datasets - After bulk delete data sets are not moved to one page
    • Data set, attributes/indicator sharing - When access is restricted to specific user not even data set owner can use it in the report
    • Report - Pie Chart - Cannot remove second attribute when changing from other chart type with multiple axes
    • Report, table - Table formulas have the old icon
    • Report, source data - Source data are not displayed when indicator filter is applied
    • Report, chart - too many time members error is shown, when time filter interval is set to seconds
    • API chart axis labels don't contain unit
    • Data set - don't allow entering empty data set name when renaming
    • Date settings - skip weekends is not working
    • Report - Export - Improve KPI, chart labels and table width
    • Report table - left header is way to long
    • Report, filter - cannot enter time values
    • Report - date/time filter values are not formatted according to domain format
    • Report, chart export - Chart is not stretched to entire page in PDF in larger formats
    • Report, filters - No text field is available for Time filter
    • Report, filter - don't shot AND/OR operator for first entry
    • Import, transformation script - when referencing another column with value(int), script should take the raw content of that column
    • Data Set - Wrong Estimated Usage information


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