Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: March 30, 2014

    New Feature

    • Point attribute support (Longitude/Latitude)

    • Report, Maps - allow to select map provider

    • Support for global stylesheet for application and login page

    • Basic Chinese Translation

    • Data Set - Transformation - Timestamp to DateTime

    • Data Set: support for working with XML content in transformation scripts


    • Report, filters - Show only filtered dates in tables 

    • Allow setting only axis start or end

    • Data set, permissions filter - show user/user group which is being edited

    • Report, chart - display date/time attribute select in time settings even if the date/time is not selected

    • Data Set - Attribute/Indicator Transformation - Inform when transformation can not be executed

    • Report, Maps - Add attribute selection as last step of chart setup

    • Update French translation

    Bugs fixes

    • Data Importing Progress Bar more than 100%

    • Data set detail - import list cut off after 3 items on narrow screens

    • Report - Sorting - Sorting by calculated indicator is incorect

    • Import - dimension last change is not updated properly

    • Report - Chart - Right Axis values are missing

    • KPI date/time intervals are always returned as unsupported in the API

    • Public dashboard doesn't work

    • Data set, SQL data source - unable to update connection parameters

    • Remove auto added new attribute column (Date & Time) to data set after installation

    • Report - custom date variable not working when there are multiple date attributes

    • Report - can't open KPI view setting

    • Report, formula - forEachRow() method ignores view filter

    • Pie Chart with count indicator clicking ordering button will crash the char

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