Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: May 19, 2014


    Read the release article.

    New features

    • Treemap chart

    • Horizontal Stack Bar Chart
    • URL Connector - support for oAuth

    • Dynamic Active Directory authentication settings

    • ChangeGear connector

    • Data set, permissions filter - add support for data set based lookup table

    • BellaApp - Export BellaApp with option not to include data


    • Report - Allow setting a date/time interval when none is defined

    • Data Set - allow to select All Data Sets for deletion

    • Search - Allow to select all found objects for deletion

    • Use same size for all Fontello icons

    • Report, KPI - add default theme to newly added indicators

    • Report, Doughnut Chart - Display Total value in the middle

    • MySQL connector - set null dates conversion by default

    • Link reports and data sets in API output

    • REST - Provide full attribute info in report API

    • Report, views - use icons instead of texts in titles

    • Dashboard, view - use icon instead of "Report: "

    • Installer - Upgrade bundled JVM to jdk1.7.0-51

    Bug fixes

    • Change Database connection parameters and import data immediately will cause import error due to data set being locked

    • Dashboard - long titles are overflowing the title bar

    • Dashboard - default title color doesn't match the real title color

    • Data Set - Attribute List table header Align is wrong

    • User profile arrow doesn't point to user in IE 8

    • Report - sorting by calculated count indicator doesn't work

    • GUI - Fix tabs displaying

    • Administration - Cannot delete user with existing database entries

    • Report, variables - missing description field

    • Report, GUI - When header image is present footer and side bar overlaps

    • Different font if is title editable and non-editable in top-header 

    • Header title overflows

    • Remove extra space for Header Bar in Search section

    • Report, table indicator appearance - "Size" shouldn't be present

    • Administration, user profile - Setting the same login ID for two user results in wrong error

    • Report - Chart - Horizontal Bar Chart wrong logo in Chart Settings

    • Slow performance on sorting a calculated indicator

    • Report - allow to use brackets in custom date/time definition

    • GUI - wrong icon for icon-indicator-group class

    • Report, formula - actualTime() and associated functions are not available

    • BellaApp - Calculated Indicator is not editabled after uploading old BellaApp

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