Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: May 21, 2014


    • SalesForce connector - Allow to optionally define own API keys

    • Data Import - Add pre-defined date format MM/dd/yyyy

    Bug fixes

    • Map re-sizing fix

    • Chart background is not visible in IE8

    • Report - treemap chart is not aligned correctly

    • Administration, user limit - When created user exceeds data manager/report editor limit wrong message is shown

    • Administration, data manager/ report editor limit - Users in user group with these roles are not counted to the limit

    • Chart background color selection always transparent

    • Data Set - Date Filter Not Working 

    • Report, Candle chart - negative tooltip color incorrect

    • Report, Candle chart - line tooltips show candle body value

    • Report, Bar Chart - Indicator Display Value being covered while value is close to max label value
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