Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: July 19, 2014

    New features

    • Report - add support for exporting source data

    • REST API - add response code logging to the API statistic

    • Data set - read only mode


    • Use streaming API for asynchronous operations

    • Report - Don't scroll whole window when reaching the end of a scrollable view

    • Report - improve displaying of source data

    • Administration - don't show SMTP server password

    • Import settings - improve layout

    • Report, conditional formatting - add EQ a NEQ compare operations

    • Import settings - don't reset the columns mapping when changing the SQL query
    • Import settings - Display column index together with error message

    Bug fixes

    • Report, combined chart - bars are cut of on the left and right side

    • Report, table - Table comments are not subjected to maximum text length as the report comments are 

    • Report, charts - Context menu arrow is blocking part of the comment's text

    • Report, filters - Row level indicator filter does not work

    • SQL Data source - adding column to query on the data source page doesn't work

    • Data source - can't run next import after the previous import is finished

    • Report chart - aggregated datetime axis shows null values in legend

    • Data set, calendar - Exporting older imports result in error

    • Begin with BellaDati - Old videos are present

    • Data source - Last failed import time is the same as last successful import time

    • Data Set - Read only mode data set indicator list page wrong alignment

    • Report, table - add to filter and remove from filter doesn't work

    • Report, tables - Combination of time intervals doesn't work

    • Administration - User group is not deleted after reconfirming the operation

    • Report, chart - Misaligned drill-down advanced settings link when display total value is enabled

    • Report, conditional formatting - comparing prev/next value doesn't work when date/time interval contains same from-to value
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