Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: August 1, 2014

    New features

    • Teradata SQL connector


    • Report - Don't remove a view content while reloading

    • Administration, users - allow add next when creating new user

    • Administration, user search - replace domain select with choices component

    • Progress bar - show "Retrieving progress status" instead of 0%

    Bug fixes

    • Installation guide, public layout - wrong text field styles

    • Server returns 403 error getting a global admin's profile picture

    • Report, chart conditional formatting - background selection has no effect

    • Report - variables are not applied in view names

    • Report - variables/comments/history tab is not aligned to the top

    • Report - map is not rendered using the selected map provider, refresh needed

    • File progress bar get stuck at 100% in IE

    • Report - removing indicator from quick drop-down menu doesn't work

    • Data sets, data connection library - Edit link does not work

    • Report, conditional formatting - show "reset to" instead of "apply" when there are defined conditions

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