Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: August 11, 2014

    New features

    • Report - indicator level filter

    • Report, scorecards - enable in-view actions (source data, comments)

    • Full Chinese localization
    • Full Slovak localization

    • Report - Formula - withoutFilter() {expression}


    • Data Set - Indicator/Attribute List Hover Effect

    • Data Set - Do not rename Date/Time columns import settings page

    • Chart - Indicator displayed as Line value color should match indicator color specified

    • Data set detail - replace calendar with overview table

    Bug fixes

    • Report - Show source data does not take report level filter into consideration

    • Report - pre-defined drill-down path is not offered in tables

    • Data set, attribute appearance - cannot edit translated value

    • Missing CS and EN Localization

    • Report - Creating Charts does not reflect correct Date range for time interval setting 

    • BellaApp - TreeMap export indicator selected missing in new domain

    • Report, chart - Charts not displayed with applied report filter

    • Re-index doesn't work when dashboard name is empty

    • Report - chart - mouse-drag-line tooltip selects footer text when tooltip is behind a mouse cursor

    • Report, charts - Pie chart not displayed with filter active

    • Import settings - error when applying template on data source with lower columns count

    • Error page after creating a user

    • Entity - last change load separately

    • URL import - post content is not propagated

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