Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: August 24, 2014

    New Features

    • Report - Formula - crossValue('DataSetCode', 'IndicatorFormulaCode')
    • Allow displaying conditional formatting in foreground as lines
    • Access Right - Report viewer can sort on indicators
    • Report - Undo/Redo for report viewer


    • Report - KPI Label View - allow to make view size very small

    • URL import - pass dataset to enable variables replacement

    • Now handles visualization appropriately when negative and positive values are in pie or stack bar charts sums

    Bug fixes

    • Data Set - Subset should be applied after taking report/view filter into consideration

    • Unable to import BellaApp with empty formulas

    • GEOJson import doesn't work when "name" parameter is not present

    • Report - Indicator filter closes the popup

    • Report - indicator filter is not saved

    • Report - no source data are shown when the parent is null (blank)

    • Some sample data are not working on On-Premise

    • Report, tabel - Viewer can access indicator settings

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