Release date: August 11, 2016


    • BellaDati ML Studio
    • Client API - Get file from file system
    • Administration - Display list of scheduled imports
    • Report, Formulas - Make comments available inside formula


    • Monitoring - Add plain dashboard/report, plain dashboard/report, iframe export and Client API to the monitored resources
    • Projector data source - Availability check and data source import should be included in one request
    • Top menu - Change menu item Users to Administration in the multi-domain mode
    • Top menu - Add menu item Extensions into the Administration scroll bar
    • Extensions - Make extensions enabled by the license key
    • Client API - Allow access to view detail (if view exists in public report)
    • User and domains search page - Improve align of search fields
    • Client API - Include Data set ID in Reported detail response
    • Client API - Get pagginated data from DataSet as JSON
    • Extensions - Allow to change type of uploaded resource
    • Extensions - Create extension to display table view data
    • Client API - Add endpoint to merge multiple PDF files
    • Japanese localization - Add missing translations
    • Report - Support hiding of specific views for specific users
    • Core - Load raw data within context
    • Automated cache cleaning


    • Report, table - formula value evaluation, when date/time attribute drilldown with empty values is used, does not work
    • Copy data set / create data set from template - custom columns are not recognized as custom columns anymore
    • BellaDati single domain - enable option Manage extensions for domain administrator
    • Report - iframe with two charts in one view - charts are not correctly sized
    • REST API - Invalid JSON data of table view
    • Report - Frozen export to PDF, Excel
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