Release date: September 16, 2016


    • Server Side Extensions
    • REST API - Get data set data by filter
    • Extensions - Support reading from data source
    • Extensions - Support storing data into data set
    • Extensions - Allow access to the data set and filtered data
    • Administration - Add option to limit user access to one session only
    • REST API - Add endpoint to return list of reports which are owned or shared to the user
    • Domain administration - Add option to require authentication to display content of the iFrame


    • Japanese localization - Add missing translations
    • Report, Update report - Update Czech translation
    • Google Analytics connector - add metric ga:users
    • Versioning of packages (BellaApp, Extension, ML project)
    • ML - Store data set function with pre-defined column content
    • Data Sets - Report should be automatically refreshed after submitting form
    • Client API - GET Reports - If user is not signed in, response should contain all Public Reports


    • Database init - Cannot override jdbc.resource
    • Charts - Filtered chart date range does not change
    • Report, Chart Axis - Step sizes do not work correctly
    • Report formula - Comments are not available inside formula
    • Extension - Extensions based on public report should be accessible even for logged users
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