Release date: November 12, 2016


    • Reports, Filters - Discovery mode
    • Export schedule - Add option to compress the pdf export
    • Export schedule - Secure exported zip file with password
    • Report - Add option to access plain report via alias link
    • Login - Authenticate user against existing user directories
    • Reports - Add option to publish existing view from another report
    • License keys - Add option to limit the exporting features via license key
    • BellaApps - Add option to select a folder during BellaApp creation
    • DataSet Client API - Add endpoint to add and edit data row
    • User directories - Add option to select password verification algorithm
    • Extensions, Endpoint API - Add uploadImage function
    • Client API - Add GET User Photo Endpoint


    • Data Collecting Forms - Add tags
    • ML studio - Add function for parsing PDF files
    • ML studio - Add support for extracting data from PDF files
    • ML studio - Support sheetIndex as parameter of readXLSFile
    • Plain report - Add option to filter plain report via URL
    • Data source execution scheduler - Improve initialization
    • Table - Font color selected by user should override default condition for setting font color
    • Enable automated cache cleaning even the interval is not set
    • REST API, Data set - Add row ID to response of GET /dataSets/:id/data
    • Additional filter should reset everytime new values is selected
    • User directories - Add new field domain in the multi-domain mode


    • Report, Chart Axis - Labels on X/Y axis overlaps
    • Report, Bullet Chart - Color picker for compare value is broken
    • Unable to write date into the data set Date when mapping date trough Forms
    • Administration - Missing pages in single domain mode
    • Report which contains table or custom content view without name cannot be exported
    • Report, Filters - Second additional filter displays wrong values
    • Extensions - Resources are not activated in api endpoints after import from zip
    • Data Set - Null pointer when opening Browse data with applied filter containing deleted attribute or indicator
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