Release date: May 5, 2017


    • Publish Alerts to Client API
    • Propagate forms to Client API
    • Report, Variables - Localizable variable name
    • Administration - Add support for user parameters
    • Report, Variables - Localizable custom date entries
    • Client API - Endpoint to get all users in domain
    • Client API - Add endpoint to get all user groups in domain
    • Report, Formula - Add attribute values localization function
    • Report, View filter - Add support for referencing date variable
    • Report, View appearance - Add option to hide filter in view header
    • REST, Import - Add endpoint that will split data into multiple data sets
    • Import, Transformation scripts - Load domain time zone during the import
    • Import, Transformation script - Add function for getting user and domain parameter
    • Import, Transformation scripting - Add support for getting first/last value from different data set


    • Media gallery - Add support for static resources
    • Custom time interval - Add support for H|M|S modifiers
    • Extension - Add support for getting/setting domain parameter
    • Report, Formula - Allow excluding specific attribute from drill-down
    • Core - Add support for first/last value calculation as regular indicator
    • Reports, Line charts - Improve loading speed of charts with date-time intervals
    • BellaDati, Import - Add function to access last and first value of indicator or attribute in dataset
    • Report, Date Intervals - Chart should be displayed even if there are no data for start/end of date interval


    • Report, Export - Table without drill-down is not exported
    • Report - Discovery mode does not work for larger data sets
    • BellaDati logo is missing when the application context is not ROOT
    • Report, Table - Drill-down using plus symbol is not working when application context is not ROOT
    • Datetime interval - If option Show all data is selected and join date and time is applied, time interval is wrong
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