Release date: September 12, 2017


    • Report - Table - Drilldown settings - "Don't show for previous aggregation" should be always visible 

    • Report, Filters - Displayed days of month should reflect selected month

    • Report, Filters - Add option to select default date values relatively

    • Report, Filters - Add option to filter dates as date units

    • Report, Gantt charts - Improve loading speed
    • Reports created using duplicating of data set should not use existing aliases

    • Reports - Display view Last data change in plain report
    • ML Studio - add option to delete pipeline

    • Data set - alert should not be send to the alert creator when this user is not selected in recipients

    • Data set - allow to cancel all executions at once
    • Big data sets - add function to change object properties in import settings

    • Big data sets - cube - allow to map indicator element on attribute

    • Joined data sets - if build fails, system should try to rebuild again automatically later

    • Joined data sets - allow joining data sets on same remote storage

    • SQL Data Source - Add support for SQL variables in conditional import 

    • Search - make data set, dashboard and folder rows clickable

    • Database summary - improve layout

    • Extensions - if using in anonymous mode, use extension owner as signed user


    • Report, filters - If default selection is changed to All, selection in the filter does not change

    • Report export - Selected views settings is not applied in the pdf export

    • Report, Bar & Stack bar chart - Date attribute on Y-axis causes that wrong values are displayed on the X-axis
    • Report, comments - time of comment is not reflecting time zone
    • Horizontal bar chart - Missing labels on Y-axis

    • Data source - Canceled import is displayed as Last even when there is more recent import

    • Data Set - some buttons are not correctly displayed

    • Administration, Multi-domain - Upcoming imports are not displayed

    • Data set import schedule - Time of scheduled import is not displayed correctly

    • Search - sorting by data sets last change is not working 

    • Big data set - cannot schedule data source import

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