Release date: August 16, 2019 


    • REST API - Add endpoint to edit comments
    • Client API - Endpoints for report filters
    • Big Data Set, Cube - Enable cube filtering via formula
    • Client API - Endpoints for adding and displaying comments
    • Big Data Set - Support usage of PostgreSQL remote storage
    • Client API, Tables - Endpoints for supporting drill-down/roll-up
    • User Directories - Add option to assign user to user group specified by column
    • Report, Indicator Conditional Formatting - Add option to provide custom CSS class
    • Administration, User Directories - Enable user directory synchronization via REST API
    • Big Data Set, Cube - Enable filter variable which will return the timestamp of the last cube execution


    • Administration, License - Add permission checking
    • Data Set - Fix columns mapping for PostgreSQL
    • Data Set Cubes - Show last import instead of the last event
    • Data Set, Import - Add option to disable import progress dialog
    • Data Set, Import Overview - Show cube imports as separated entries
    • Data Set, Remote Table Mapping - Sort remote columns alphabetically
    • Data set, Remote Table Mapping - Show list of available tables instead
    • Data set & Cube processing - Change the value 0% to Processing
    • Report Cache - Replace with google cache implementation
    • Report API, getTable - Add dataId to data cell
    • Report API - Add subset-value-id, table-element-id and identifierQuery to table JSON
    • Big Data Set, Cubes - Store edited name of the cube after clicking on save in inline edit
    • Big Data Set - Do not allow changing the data model, erase or upload data when table mapping is used


    • Core - Clearing cache makes system unaccessible
    • Report, Data Set - Values from subset are not correctly sorted
    • Big Data Set - Data are not loaded when table mapping is used
    • Startup shows indexing errors when upgrading/installing version after
    • PostgreSQL Attribute Mapping - Date, Datetime, Time and Indicator columns are not supported
    • Data Set - Database is locked when changing storage and data set has active table mapping
    • Remote Data Mapping, Oracle - Add quotes to column names when creating a view
    • Data Set, Import from Oracle DB - Schema is not included in the query
    • Data Set, Import from Oracle DB - Tables with the same name are listed as one table
    • Client API, User - /user/api:signeduser returns exception when user is not signed in
    • Administration, Import User from CSV - Database communication error when using an email with 256+ characters
    • SQL Data Source, Import Settings - Notification "Columns count has changed" is displayed even if there is no change and extra columns are added

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