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Release date: January 31, 2020 


  • Data Import - Enable import queueing
  • Implement web sockets for global comments
  • REST API - Enable function to execute import immediately
  • Data set attributes - Formula based appearance in tables
  • Cube schedule - Add option for auto-retry after the current processing is completed
  • Data set, Nested subsets - Add new option for disabling drill-down of selected custom members child
  • Report, Table with nested subsets - Display warning if some of the child member has conditional formatting
  • Report, Table with nested subsets - Highlight parent if comments are contained in child members


  • Report Comments - Associate comment with a custom member name
  • Data Set - Local data set as Database connection, Existing data set - data from another domain should not be imported
  • Data set, Custom members - Identify custom member by ID instead of a definition


  • Report, Tables with nested subsets - If the same custom member is used custom member in different trees, drill-down does not work correctly
  • Joined data set - When Custom join definition is invalid, the join type custom cannot be selected again
  • Report, Comment - Icon "delete" is displayed for all comments
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