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Release date: May 4, 2020  


  • Update Japanese translations
  • Report - Enable option to add private comments
  • REST API - Endpoints for subsets
  • REST API - Endpoints for subset values
  • REST API - Endpoints for custom members
  • REST API - Endpoint for custom member formula validation
  • REST API - Endpoint POST SCHEDULE EXECUTION should return the import ID as a response
  • Table, Indicators - When only subsets are used, do not display buttons for sort order


  • Report, Table - If custom date format is applied, the indicator format is ignored
  • Domain backup, Big data set - Destination data set mapping is not restored
  • Remote storage, Oracle - Connections from remote storage stay in the database inactive and not finished
  • Oracle remote storage - Cleanup service deletes tables from all users with name DS_*
  • Oracle remote storage - Import with delete all values method is interrupted by cleanup service
  • Big Data Set, Cube Execution Schedule - Saved settings for import method Replace rows with data identical to imported row do not remain the same after reopening the cube


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