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Release date: July 8, 2020  


  • Data set - Enable adding metadata to data set
  • REST API, Table - Endpoint for list of indicators
  • REST API, Table - Provide a list of conditional formatting for the selected indicator


  • Administration - Usage monitoring - Add view and report loading times
  • Data Set, Oracle remote storage - Import method delete all - create indexes after import
  • Dashboards - Only dashlets associated with the data set should refresh on data change
  • Report, Conditional formatting - Not between condition should be exclusive
  • REST API, GET Table JSON, BTWN condition - Enable selection of the same date
  • Add missing Polish translations


  • Dashboard - Views on public dashboard and plain dashboard are not loaded
  • Vulnerability, Invalid parameter operation - Password of another user can be changed
  • Backup, Report - If conditional formatting includes Between or Not between structure backups do not work
  • Import Node - Latest builds not starting up with an exception
  • Report, View variables - Date variable is not applied to the time interval settings
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