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Release date: June 7, 2021  


  • Report - Added the ability to filter calculated indicator
  • Domain Settings - Added feasibility to backup the request configurations 
  • Domain Settings - Added localization to email templates
  • Big Data Set - User security settings were added to XML backup
  • Report, Filters - Added an option to control if a filter is required to be not null
  • REST API - Enabled SHA-256 checksum while uploading firmware to ensure its integrity


  • Data set - Added indexing of UID column 
  • Report, Bar Chart - Chart labels are displayed when drill-down is not used
  • Password fields - Added icon to hide and display the password
  • REST API - UID is added to the request GET Data Set Data
  • REST API - Added support of Join Data Sets aliases to Get Data Set Data
  • REST API - Enabled using a join point from the secondary joined data set withing method GET Data Set Data
  • REST API - Users without access to a third-party application are allowed to access certain pages
  • REST API - Non-admin users are allowed to create request
  • ML Studio - Project or pipeline execution is locked to prevent a single project or pipeline from running on multiple nodes in a cluster at the same time.
  • ML Studio - Added localization to FCM push notifications


  • Report, Filters, Translation - Fixed default display after implementing changes under other languages
  • Report, Custom Source Data - Fixed layout for Custom Source Data table with a huge amount of data
  • Reports, Tables - Fixed server overloads when changing table settings 
  • Report, Export - Fixed email sharing of reports and dashboards
  • Report - Fixed internal compiler error
  • Data Set - Fixed accessing to Data Browsing in a newly created Join Data Set
  • Data Set, Upload - Fixed error that occurred while uploading XLSX file downloaded from Google Drive
  • Data Set, Upload - Fixed error that occurred when trying to upload data after deleting attributes 
  • Data Set, Notifications - Fixed error while editing notification actions
  • Data Set, Backup - Fixed pagination at the Save XML Backup pop-up 
  • ML Studio - Fixed OutOfMemoryException when opening a project details page with a big amount of executions
  • IoT Console, Sender, Transformation - Fixed horizontal axis and stretching data on a preview
  • IoT Console - Fixed automatic scheduling after BellaDati restarts
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