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Release date: July 29, 2021


  • Email templates - Add option to set define email templates for Unlock account
  • Request API - Add option for XOR Encryption in HTTP requests


  • MySQL Connector - Update JDBC driver to version 8
  • Change name and surname order for Chinese localization
  • Japanese localization improvements
  • REST API, Create user - Unify active status for the newly created users
  • Report, Custom source data - Enable changing the order of displayed columns

Bug fixes

  • Report, Tables - Sorting by formula indicator does not work when date and attribute drill-down are used
  • Save XML backup - Pagination doesn't work
  • Report, Custom source data - Downloaded file does not contain numbers
  • Report, Custom source data - Transformed data are not available in export
  • Report - Public report is not loaded
  • HTTP connector with oAuth2 does not work
  • Report, Comments - Button for loading older comments is not displayed
  • Dataset, Database partitions - Index is not created when multiple columns names are the same
  • Data set, Import - Import method Update rows with data identical to imported row does not work
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