Release date: September 22, 2017


    • Administrator - add function to monitor and restart cleanup services

    • Formula - add support for GeoJSON filtering by specific longitude/latitude


    • Report - add option to define css class and styles for each view

    • GUI - make rows clickable in additional places

    • Report - shape map - add option to specify number of colors

    • Data Set - Improve data set overview page

    • Data Set - JSON import - Custom Array element should be saved in import settings

    • Big data set - if formula calculation fails, display appropriate error message

    • Big data set, cubes - add function to move elements up and down

    • Formula - simplify building of filters

    • Formulas - crossValue() should support non numeric results


    • Export, XLSX - When exporting '&' character, it is changed to '&amp'

    • Report - scheduled email export is not sent when deleted view is used in layout

    • Data sets - Section Action is not visible on small screens

    • Cleanup service is not always running

    • Some sample apps are imported with error

    • Report cannot be imported if exported with empty tab

    • Big data sets - cube executions are not working correctly if result is lower than jobs count

    • JSON connector - JSON double values are stored as integer

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