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Release date: September 24, 2021


  • Report - Allow Stacked line chart
  • REST API, Get table JSON - Add options display all records without limit and expand all members


  • Data set notifications - Apply attribute filters to the email recipients
  • Report, Tables - Performance improvements
  • View filter with date - Apply default filter automatically
  • Data sources - Improve connection to SQL DB using SSH tunnel via private/public key setup
  • Report, Table with subset - Do not display disabled drill-downs when the option Always display all values in subset is selected


  • Report, Candle chart - The value in the tooltip is incorrect
  • Dashboard - Refresh interval on data change is ignored
  • Report, Conditional formating - When creating a condition, the value input field is disabled
  • HTTP connector - remove overlay when connection is not successful
  • Administration - Fix autoregistration options
  • Report with tabs - Copied view is not saved
  • Data set, User security - Settings cannot be deleted
  • BellaApp upload - Progress bar always shows "Loading..."
  • Administration - The global administrator cannot see the Export schedule in some cases
  • Dataset, Partitions - Data cannot be deleted when time partition is used
  • Data set cube processing - Datetime with millis is not proccessed
  • Report, iFrame - iFrames are not displayed correctly
  • Report, Table - Drill-down limit is not applied correctly
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