Release date: October 31, 2017


    • Data source - allow to enter commit size
    • Big data sets, cube - allow referencing first/last values from different data set in filters
    • Formula - add withoutFilter() { .. } function
    • Data set, advanced settings - allow to run maintenance manually
    • Core - support pointers while loading members structure


    • Google Analytics connector - update Dimensions and Metrics

    • SQL data source - show correct permissions errors while using local data sources

    • Data set - allow to download file from import overview

    • Big data sets, cube - raise maximum bulk size to 100k

    • Big data sets, cube - if filter is wrong, display error message instead of error popup

    • Big data sets, cube - avoid duplicate results in destination data set

    • Data set data - show proper error message instead of exception page when filter is not valid

    • Report - load view menu and title independent on view content

    • Report, Date filters - Add option for values sort ordering

    • Activation email - Improve Japanese localization
    • UI - use nicer loader animation
    • Filter, date attributes - use equals/not equals instead of contains/doesn't contain


    • Administration - User groups - "Edit user group" form is shortly displayed after clicking on "Roles"

    • Administration - import nodes import summary is not displayed

    • Data set - Browse data - Records count not working correctly in large data sets with applied filter
    • Data set - long text and GeoJSON are created as indexed attributes
    • Data set - Using date variable in the filter of Browse data results in an error
    • Big data sets - cannot download imported file

    • Big data sets, cube - set/get does not work in formulas

    • Big data sets, cube - mapping is incorrect after changing indicator/drilldown element position

    • Big data sets, cube - preview is displayed with error when there are no rows for specified attributes and formula expects it

    • Big data sets, cube - when date variable is used to filter the cube results, data are not filtered correctly
    • Report - Some report components overlay the footer

    • Report - value of formula with E-notation format (e. g. 8E2) is always returned as number

    • Report, filter view - additional filters are not displayed for default display method

    • Report, Date filters - default option is not selected when the report is loaded

    • Report - PDF/PNG export- squares are displayed instead of Chinese/Japanese characters in chartsReport, filters - reset is always displayed when using relative date filter with modifiers

    • Formula - loadData() ignores current drill-down context

    • Formula, crossValue() - filters with invalid codes are propagated to cross data set

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