Release date: December 03, 2017


    • Backup - Support Automatic backup of the domain structure
    • REST API - Add endpoint for loading report by alias


    • Administration, domain - sort parameters by name


    • Data set, XML import - Data sets are inconsistent if viewers or editors are present in backup
    • Report - Report editor cannot save the changes in the report where he is not the report owner
    • Report - when restoring XML backup by different user, owner remains the same as original one
    • Report viewer with editing permissions without report editor role is able to access report settings
    • Report, Charts - Multiple pie charts split into multiple columns are not rendered correctly
    • Data set, Reports - broken ownership settings when creating new objects
    • Data Set - Null pointer exception when importing XML backup of data set
    • Report - Charts are not loaded when the view filter contains checkbox
    • Report, Filters - Default display method and auto-submit cause errors
    • Data set, XML import - joined data set overview has broken sidebar
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