Release date: February 13, 2018


    • New Chart Type - XY Scatter Plot
    • Report - Custom Table and Chart renderers
    • SharePoint Connector - Support import of XLSX and CSV files
    • Formula - Improve rank() to support calculations over all items
    • Report, Formulas - Add withoutReportFilter and withoutViewFilter functions
    • Report, Table, XLS export - Add option to exclude row if cell contains defined expression


    • Filter query builder - Improve caching
    • Report, Filter, Date Interval - Add option to reset the filter
    • Usage Statistic Data Set - Don't create entry when initializing data set
    • Report - Add option to adjust the display format of date aggregations
    • Report, Date aggregations format - Add option to define the first/last date of the period
    • Report API - Add support for loading view data when embedded view token is present in HTTP request


    • Report - Tables are not displayed in Safari
    • Report, Formula Editor - Preview is not working
    • Report, Table - Blank values label cannot be removed
    • Administration - Database summary shows error on PostgreSQL 9.6
    • Report, Dashboard - Table content on EDGE is covered with scrollbar
    • Report, Formula - Using indicator @aggregators with loadData causes NPE
    • Sharepoint Connector - Error is displayed when connecting as Farm Admin
    • SharePoint Connector - Items contained in non-default site collection are not listed
    • Filter - When filter method "doesn't contain is used", default value is not applied
    • Report, View filters - If default selection is changed to All, selection in the filter does not change
    • Data Set, Import - Incorrect date attribute is used for import method "Delete all rows based on date range"
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