Release date: March 19, 2018


    • Joined Data Set - Add an option to specify delay and exact time of rebuild after import
    • Report, formula - Add function to load the value from filter
    • Administration - find data set by specific criteria
    • XY Scatter Plot - Add option to add drill-down


    • Data set - Display time of last change, last import, last cube calculation, last alert
    • Joined data set - Join point overview layout improvements
    • Data set - Display estimated disk usage
    • Media gallery - Layout improvements


    • Report Export - Table with data drill-down with 'simple value appearance' disabled cannot be exported to PDF, PNG and XLSX
    • Report - views are not loaded when "Use last day of interval" is used with empty date
    • Custom renderers - View with the custom renderer is not displayed in the dashboard
    • Report, Dashboard - Export to PDF does not work for charts with background image
    • Dashboard - Labels in calendar are using white text on white background
    • Folders - Link to dashboard which is not shared with the user is active
    • Report, KPI and Map - Filter in view - page stays grayed out after saving
    • Report, Export to PNG/PPTX - Empty export if formula returns " " ( )
    • Users and Domains - Missing validation for DateTime format settings
    • Formula - executePythonScript does not propagate parameters
    • Data set with JSON HTTP data source cannot be saved to a backup
    • Data Source - Cannot connect to FTP with TLS


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