Release date: August 3, 2018 


    • Dashboards - Add option to reset variables in url via parameter

    • Charts - configurable axis labels width

    • Setup - automatically import domain and extensions from file if provided as JVM parameter

    • Setup - Load license from by licenseId automatically
    • Setup - support unattended mode
    • Export - Apply conditional formatting in the XLSX export

    • REST API - Add method to delete user

    • Extension endpoints - implement Extensions API 1.1 classes

    • Report, Date variables - Support translations of preset values

    • Report formulas - add method to load translation from referenced data set


    • Setup - Display an error message when database was not correctly initialized

    • Data sets - improve loading speed

    • Data sets - unify search box with search page
    • Increase the length of the displayed report name to 90% of the screen

    • Google Sign-in - use standard Google button

    • Unify list styles


    • Report, date intervals - in case there are more date intervals in the table, values are not displayed in the second date interval

    • Data Set - Name of attribute which contains "_1" cannot be changed

    • Data Set - Adding another data source - Some data sources create new data set
    • Data Set, Import - Wrong spelling in the error message
    • Joined Data Set - delay of rebuild is incorrectly calculated after recreating data table

    • Joined Data Set - last rebuild when is not correct

    • Joined Data Set - rebuild does not work correctly when remote storage is used

    • Report, table - if there are more intervals, drill-down is loaded for the first interval only

    • Report, Bullet chart - Custom members cannot be edited/added when the drill-down is added

    • Report - Report does not load after applying additional filter when filter view is present in the report
    • Report, XLSX Export - table header and content have different fonts

    • Configuration - Backup directory is not used for domain backup

    • Administration - User requests - error "Content is not up to date" displayed

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