Release date: November 9, 2018 


    • Data Set - Notifications
    • Firebase messaging support
    • Administration - Add option to use a custom favicon
    • Administration, Messaging registrations - Add delete and send function


    • Big Data Set, Cubes - Improve cube managing layout
    • Data Set, import schedule - Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly imports should be scheduled on the same day of month
    • View iFrame - Add padding to the bottom of report iframe
    • Administration, Domain backup - Include the missing parameters in the backup.xml
    • Administration, Domain features - Rename BellaDati Mobile enabled to REST API
    • Faux pas - Do not display the message about notification of developers
    • ML Studio - Enable access to domain administrators in multi-domain mode
    • Filter - Allow variables for datetime attribute
    • Data Set, Data sources - Adjust the title of the "Custom connector setup" dialog
    • Events list, Event details - Display fewer rows in the dialogue window
    • Extensions API - loadDatasetData(dataset, null) should add default filter
    • Extensions - Extension HTML detail should not be available publicly if not explicitly set
    • REST API - Fix inconsistent permission checking
    • REST API - Add support for authorizing request token for global admin
    • REST API - Make get dashboards by username available to domain admins
    • REST API - Improve exception handling - return an error message as response entity
    • REST API, POST Data Set data - Columns not used in the request should not be updated
    • REST API, POST Data Set data - If updating a non-existing row, HTTP 404 should be returned
    • Share with users / User groups - Increase the number of the displayed items in the sharing dialogue


    • Report, Map - Remove Elevation and Cycle map providers
    • Report, Table conditional formatting - Exclamation mark is not displayed
    • REST API - POST /domains/:id with null parameter value breaks the domain
    • Domain backup of a domain with RSS dashlet without URL set cannot be created
    • Big Data Set, Cube - Error after scheduling an execution without specifying the date and time


    • IoT Console 1.1.3
    • eCall Console 1.2.2


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