Release date: November 30, 2018 


    • Custom connector - Add required field to element definition
    • REST API - Add endpoint for listing images from gallery
    • Core - Add support for dynamic tables in PostgreSQL dialect
    • Custom connector - Customization of connector default name and type


    • REST API, reports - Return HTTP 404 instead of HTTP 500 when accessing non-existing views
    • Multi-domain license - Limit setting set to domain to the actual license
    • Data source, Custom connector - Add support for password fields
    • Data source, Custom connector - Set "value" field from JSON definition as default value
    • Report, Indicator help - Fix the typo
    • Administration, User - Allow assigning global user to domain
    • Report, Drill-Through URL - Add function which does not encode provided value
    • Update German translations
    • Update Japanese translations
    • Update Czech translations


    • Administration - Global administrator with owned objects cannot be deleted
    • Report, Dashboard - Export - Column names of date/datetime are mixed
    • Report, Dashboard - Table Export - Header of time attribute is not displayed
    • Report, Table - No data is displayed when datetime is used as the first and as a standard drill-down
    • Unattended setup - License parameters are not applied to domain
    • Notifications - Migration from version prior to 2.9.8 failed when alert does not have owner
    • Administration, user roles - Removing user domain shows error page
    • Installer - "Can't install application server - setting executable mode failed"
    • Notifications - Missing keys
    • Custom connector - Logo is not displayed on glassfish
    • REST API, POST JSON data - If value contains 2 dquotes next to each other, result is reduced to single dquote
    • Big Data Sets, Cubes - It is possible to select Formula indicator as the destination
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