Release date: January 17, 2019 


    • Support for PostgreSQL 10
    • Support for Glassfish 5
    • Backup, restore - Include custom connector
    • Administration - Add option to use custom favicon
    • Administration - Add option to replace all used logos
    • Administration - Application name should replace all occurrence of the word BellaDati
    • Formula - Add function to calculate median and average from array
    • Data source, Custom connector - Add option to edit data source parameters
    • Report, Filter - Add option to copy filter from existing views if the current filter is empty


    • German translations improvements
    • Japanese translations improvements
    • Data Set - Notifications should be accessible to users with data access
    • Data Set, Indicators - Order the list of the indicators alphabetically
    • Data Set, Custom connector - Connector name should be reflected on the screen Data set summary
    • Data Set, Import settings - Change the default Get new values option to By ETL name
    • Data Set, Projector connector - Do not unselect option Header row after using Get new columns feature
    • Big Data Set - Cube - Add Cube processing timeout
    • Joined Data Set - Show rebuild error to admins
    • Report, Indicators - Order indicators alphabetically
    • Report - Display filter reset even if the Hide controls option is enabled
    • Report - The report alias uniqueness should be validated in the domain in the multi-domain environment
    • REST API - Improve handling of invalid parameters and not existing IDs errors
    • Auto-registration - Allow register user without registering at
    • Installer - Show information about running database before starting the application after update
    • Installer - Increase default Xmx settings according to available memory
    • Installation - Change ports before the first startup of GlassFish


    • User profile - Long texts break the layout
    • Folders - Drag&drop does not work for list view
    • Data sources cannot be deleted on PostgreSQL 9.2
    • Data Set, notifications - Notification is not deleted with data set
    • Data set cannot be renamed to an already-existing name
    • Data sets, Save XML backup - Big data set is not included in the list
    • Data Set, HTTP Connector - Cannot save data source when "send request token params inbody" is null
    • Data Set - Import detail of an import from deleted cube cannot be opened
    • Data Set - Data source settings of a restored data set with a custom connector causes an error
    • Data Set, Browse Data - Value of GEO attribute cannot be saved when Japanese or German language is used
    • Joined data set - Rebuild cannot be disabled if global suspend interval is set
    • Dashboard, Activity stream - HTML tags <p> are displayed in alerts
    • Installer - Custom port is not applied in the GlassFish parameters
    • Report - Sorting by formula indicator does not work in some cases
    • Report shared with a user as Can view and with user group as Can edit is not shared correctly
    • Report, Filter view - Admin cannot see the button Settings in the filter view
    • BellaApp cannot be uploaded when the screen Media gallery is opened
    • Administration, Email server - NPE occurs when setting host to an empty string
    • Administration, Create User - Database communication error when email with 256+ characters is used
    • XML import - NPE while importing inconsistent joined data set (not existing attribute reference)
    • Login - If the account locked error is displayed, the links to unlock the account are not displayed
    • GUI - Select component is displayed without padding on Firefox


    • IoT Console 1.1.5
    • SDEP 1.0.6

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