BellaDati multi-domain mode allows you to manage domains of multiple clients in one single installation of BellaDati.


    BellaDati multi-domain mode provides separate workspace for each customer. This brings following benefits:

    • users and data are managed separately for each customer
    • each domain is managed separately - administrator can setup customized layout, login page, enable selected data sources and mobile app, etc.
    • template domain can be automatically distributed to new customers

    License key with multi-domain mode allowed can be ordered at


    Domains are managed at separate page. To access this page, select option Domains in the top menu.


    In order to create new domain select option Create domain. Then just provide Name and Description of the domain and click Save:

    New domain can be also created from the template domain - this means that the all the data sets, reports and dashboards will be copied into the new one. Ownership of all these objects will be transferred to the newly created domain administrator.


    Only domain structure is copied, data are not.


    This can speedup and simplify the process of preparing standardized domains for new customers.


    In order to create new domain from template, select option Create domain from template.


    • In the field Template, select the domain from which the reports, dashboards and data sets will be copied
    • Set the name of the new domain in the field Name.
    • Select option Copy users, user groups and all relations?, if the users should be recreated in the new domain.
    • Select option Use blank default dashboard for new users?, in case you want newly created users to have blank dashboard as default.
    • In the section Domain administrator account set Username, First name, Last name and Email of the user who will be used as domain administrator.
    • Click button Create to create new domain from the template.



    Domain management can be used in the same way as for single domain.


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