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Browsing existing data within data set is available after clicking to "Browse data" in left sub-menu.

Data browser allows you to perform the following actions:

  • Edit data - individually per record (row)
  • Delete row
  • Order displayed data by: date or any other attribute
  • Filter displayed data:
    • by date interval
    • by attributes members filtering
  • Edit column order
  • Add new record (row)
  • Data export: Save data in CSV: Data can be saved in CSV or XLSX directly or in ZIP format to save download time and space on your storage.
  • Delete selected data (see below)

Deleting selected data

Clicking on Delete selected data will delete all data which are currently listed (filtered). If no filter is applied, all data will be deleted from the data set (the same as Erase data). If a filter is applied, only data, which matches the filter, will be deleted. The rest of the rows will stay in the data set.

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