This section is for the OnPremise installation users only. If you are using the Cloud version, the SalesForce Connector is ready and you don't need to do any configuration changes.

    To be able to access the SalesForce API, you need to create new connected SalesForce Application. All you need is to configure the application callback URL, which corresponds to the URL, where your BellaDati instance is running. For example

    Step-by-step SalesForce configuration

    1. Login to SalesForce, navigate to Setup and create new Connected application

    2. Enter application details, callback URL (e.g. http://your_host/auth/callback/SF) and select the api and refresh_token permission scope.


    3. Get consumer key/secret and enter it into BellaDati

    Allow SOAP API login

    In case you want to use SOAP API login, BellaDati IP address of your environment has to be in white list, go to salesforce.com -> go to your Account -> select Security Controls -> select Network Access

    Add your IP address



    Please note, that changing SalesForce configuration may take same time to be effective.


    Once you have created an application, you will receive the Consumer key and Consumer Secret. Now you have to enter these parameters into BellaDati. Log-in as domain administrator and navigate to Settings -> Configuration page. See Managing Configuration.