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BellaDati allows you to connect and analyze data from Facebook.

In order to connect to a Facebook data source:

  • Click Data sets from the Main menu
  • Select Upload from data source at the left menu under Action panel.
  • Click on the logo of Facebook as indicated in the red box below.


Following window will request granting BellaDati access to your Facebook account.
Click Grant BellaDati access the statistics of your Facebook account… to open login screen.

Selecting Facebook Page

Choose Facebook page from which you would like to analyze data.

Selecting Data

Select data you want to analyze. BellaDati offers:

  • Page Impressions
  • Page Views
  • Page Engagement
  • Page Users
  • Page Content
  • Page Posts
  • Page Stories

Import Settings

Once you select desired area, you will be able to proceed to data import.

Select the requested columns and change column types if necessary via Import settings. Once import settings are configured and you can click Continue on the top right corner to start data importing.

You can also check Facebook API for an overview of current Facebook data available for developers.

Next Steps