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  1. Point to the Dashboard name in upper left corner of Dashboard window and select New Dashboard from the list.

    Alternatively, click on New dashboard in the dropdown menu under Dashboards.
  2. Enter the name of the new dashboard. Optionally, specify the folder where the dashboard should be stored.

New Dashboard will be created.

Dashboard will be automatically turned into edit mode.



Continue by Managing Dashboard Layout and Creating Dashlet to poplulate the Dashboard.

Edit mode

You can switch to Edit mode by clicking on "Edit" in top dashboard menu.

Edit mode allows you to:

  • Manage Dashboard Layout
  • Adding Dashlets
  • Exit edit mode: Click on Finish Editing to enter dashboard View mode.
  • Edit Dashboard Name: Click on Edit name to change the name of current dashboard.
  • Clear Dashboard: Click on Clear to remove all dashlets from the dashboard.
  • Remove Dashboar: click on Remove to erase current dashboard.

Video Tutorial


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