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Only users with data manager role are allowed to create and manage the data set.

Open the Data sets page from main menu on the top of the screen.

  1. Click "Create data set" in the left submenu. A popup window appears.
  2. Enter name of the new data set.

In the default configuration, the data set name does not have to be unique in the whole domain.

Since BellaDati 2.9.7, it is possible to enforce usage of unique data names in the domain settings. In case the name isn't unique, warning message will be displayed and the new data set will not be created.

New empty data set contains no indicators and attributes defined. There are two ways how to create them:

  • Define indicators and attributes while importing data. If you already have existing data file, we recommend this option to set up the data set more interactively.
  • Define indicators and attributes manually. The mapping to the imported data will be provided during the import settings stage.

The data set can be created also using the data import.

Next steps

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