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Shape maps in BellaDati need to be referenced to the shape files which are defined by geoJSON files. Steps below describe how to create geoJSON files for custom areas.

1. Download definition from geo portal

Geo definitions can be downloaded from various geo portal such as In this case select country and type of file Shapefile.

2. Transform Shapefile to GeoJSON

Use service which will allow you to transform Shapefile to geoJSON file. You can use for example

a) Unzip downloaded file

b) Select .shp and .dbf files for selected definition of country (province, subprovince etc.)

c) Select option simplify and simplify the GeoJSON to the lowest size (0.5% should be enough, analytic maps don't require high detail of areas)

d) Go to section export and select option export to GeoJSON

e) Now we need to define column which will be used as a name in geo data definition. For this should be use command line and command like -o id-field=NAME_2 where NAME_2 is code of the column which will be used as name

f) click Export to get the geo data definition with shapes

Steps how to import the shape definition and work with geo data definitions are described section Managing Geo data.

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