Only users with report editor role are allowed to create and manage the reports.

Point to the Reports in main menu on the top of the screen and click "New report" item which will appear.

  1. Enter name of the new report.
  2. Select the data set you are going to analyze data from.
  3. Select Folder the report will be added to.

New report can be created also directly from data set summary or folders .

New report has no contents - continue by Creating View .


Each report can consist of the following elements (generally called views):

You can select up to three basic dimensions in each view:

  • Date, Time
  • Attributes (drill-down path)
  • Indicators

See Import Settings or Detailed Glossary for more detailed description.

There is a soft limit of about 8 views per one report. We do not recommend to exceed this limit to preserve good BellaDati performance running in your web browser.

Video Tutorial