Apart from filters available in Charts, Tables menu. Report creator can create filters, that are accessible for report viewers in right panel trough custom components. Result for viewer can look like screen below



    List of custom Filter components includes.

    • Slider
    • Multiple select
    • List
    • Check box
    • Radio buttons
    • Text


    Creating the filter and GUI component

    Select Variables and Filters option. As a Variable type select Filter option


    Select available filter attribute from which you want to build your component.


    Selecting the component

    Select name for your component.

    Section Appearance

    • Filter display method: choose option Show preset values to display only selected values (select them in section Preset values). Select option Show available values to display selected number of available values.
    • Display method - select which filter component will be used (multiselect, select, checklist or radio)
    • Limit - set how many values will be displayed in the filter
    • Order by Name - select how values will be ordered (ascending or descending)
    • "Show all values" label - set value which will be displayed as option for all of the values
    • Autosubmit form after selection - will confirm every option user selects

    Date units

    For date and datetime values, it is possible to define date units which should be used in the filter, when the display method "show available values" is selected. Users can select following options:

    • day,
    • week,
    • month,
    • quarter,
    • year.


    Multi structure filter

    Select additional attribute to create multi structure filter. This additional attribute is displayed and allowed to select when main filter attribute is selected (only available values are displayed). For each of additional filters can be also selected Default values.