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This use case provides an example how to add custom hover menu into top bar. List of reports will be displayed after hovering on the newly displayed menu button.

This extension can be downloaded from here.

Editing menu items

This example contains 3 menu buttons, each button contains 3 list items. Labels (buttons and list items) and links can be managed via Parameters - click on the Name of the parameter and edit Value in newly displayed dialogue window. This value is displayed in the menu.

Adding/removing menu buttons and Items in the list

Content of the menu can be changed via HTML in the field Content of HTML body.

Adding new button

Copy div dropdown and paste it into into html. Don't forget to add new parameters and change parameters of this newly added div - use codes of newly added parameters.

Adding new list items

Copy tag a (<a href="#PARAM=button1link3#">#PARAM=button1label3#</a>) and paste it into the div dropdown-content where you would like to add new list item. Add parameters (link and label) of this new list item and these parameters into the html code.

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