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This extension enables you to render selected table with custom renderer and display selected member as link which will redirect to predefined url (table which has been already created in BellaDati will be rendered with custom layout).

This extension can be downloaded from here.

Extension can be setup by using following parameters:

tableViewId: defines id of view which should be rendered via custom renderer

indexOfColumnWithLabel: index of column which will be displayed as label (index of first column in the source table is 0)

indexOfColumnWithLink: index of column which will be used as link (index of first column in the source table is 0)

In order to display custom table with the link in the report, you should create custom content view, switch to html and use following code:

 <iframe id="tableExtension" src=""></iframe>
//source of the iFrame should be replaced by the link to your extension
var iframe = document.getElementById("tableExtension");
// get view container
var viewContainer = $(iframe).parents('div.t-bdlayout-content');
iframe.width = viewContainer.width();
iframe.height = viewContainer.height() - 90;

Table will be rendered after saving the settings.

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