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Dashboards are the entry point of BellaDati Business Intelligence solution. They typically comprise of the most important charts and tables pulled out from the more detailed reports. Therefore, they are primary designed for managers, who need brief overview of company's actual performance.



It is possible to navigate between dashboards by using a drop-down menu on top of a dashboard page or by using the search page.

Navigation by drop-down menu

Users can navigate from one dashboard to another by using a drop-down menu it top right corner of each dashboard.

Navigation by search page

Users can also list all available dashboard on the search page by filtering the result to display dashboards only.


Every dashboard is composed of several dashlets. Dashlet is a piece of content, including either report's views or navigation items. Dashboard can be customized by adding dashlets and adjusting their visualization.

Dashboards can be enriched with arbitrary attachments as well as shared for public via web.

Use cases

Dashboards allow to visually compare data from different reports and therefore data sources. Consider useing Reports if you are an analyst and need to perform detailed data analyses.




Dashboards are determined for uses who prefer consuming prepared insights. They usually combine existing views and navigation items to create their own customized workspaces.
Dashboards are not designed for direct work or analyses of data. Consumed content is prepared in reports by analysts.
Typical user includes:

  • Executives
  • Managers

To learn more about Dashboards proceed in this chapter.

Reports are determined for users who work with data, prepare reports and execute analyses. Users usually select Indicators, define Drill downs and visualize them in appropriate View types.
Work with reports requires deeper knowledge of data. Created content can be consumed in dashboards by managers.

Typical user includes:

  • Analysts
  • Specialized employees

To learn more about Reports - continue by Reports.

Following actions are supported on dashboards:

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