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You have to have Data Collection enabled to be able to create and publish forms.

Data Collection module allows you to create and publish forms connected to BellaDati Data Sets.

Creating Form

Navigate to Data Set for which you want to create the form. Click on Data Collecting Forms in left navigation.

BellaDati will list all existing forms. Click on the New import form button.


You can generate formbased on existingtable structure. Check Generate according to data set model to have form prepared for you.


Creating Form Elements

To create form element, provide its name, type and click Add button. BellaDati offers following input types:

  • Date field
  • Text Field
  • Checkbox
  • Select
  • Username
  • Timestamp

Mapping Elements to Data Set Columns

In order to map form element to data set column, click on the element name and select one of the Attributes or Indicators.

Publishing Form

Click on Fill form from Data Collecting Forms list. BellaDati will open new window.

Distribute URL of this form to all users responsible for collecting data.



Field with type username is not visible. Username of logged in user will be recorded.

Default formats for date/time columns:

DateTimeyyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS'Z' (ISO 8601)2016-12-31T22:33:44.555Z

Managing Forms

You can create multiple forms. Click on New import form to add new one.
You can modify form anytime by clicking on its name.


To watch some use cases head to our Video Tutorials section.