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Predefined drill-down path specifies the meaningful sequence might by useful for further drill-down operation in report (see attached video tutorial below). Each data set can contain more drill-down paths. The simplest drill-down path is linear, however BellaDati supports more complex structures like trees.

Predefined drill-down paths are available int the report when performing ad-hoc drill-down (by clicking on + in the table), or in the drill-down settings.



  1. Go to desired data set via data set menu.
  2. Select "Attributes" in the left submenu.

Predefined drill-down paths significantly simplifies creating reports by analysts and performing drill-down operation in reports and on dashboards. Therefore we recommend defining these paths on the data set level.

Adding new drill-down path

  1. Click "Add drill down path" at the top of the page. A popup will appear.
  2. Select first attribute in "Use attribute" drop-down box and click on "Save" button.
  3. Click the green plus icon on the right of existing attribute in drill-down path to add another attribute and repeat steps above to create whole drill-down path.

By clicking on green plus icon in the middle of existing drill-down path, you can branch out current drill-down path to more sub-paths.



You can create an new attribute during drill-down path definition by filling in the field "Add new attribute" in the popup. See managing attributes for details.

Editing drill-down path

  • Removing attribute: Hoover over the desired attribute, click on the top left cross symbol and confirm this action in popup.

Tutorial video


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